El Tango

Experience the Touch of Tango.

The Argentine Tango has become most popular today as The Argentine Tango can be danced not only to specific tango music but to any contemporary music and more. This exciting dance has so much to offer with it’s many embellishments. Not only fun, but the connection of the leader and follower joined in the music as one. No partner is required, come single or bring your partner to learn this fascinating dance.

“Gladys and Flavio” World Professional Argentine Tango dancers at TDI Ballroom for coaching sessions with our students this past February 2019.

Thank you Gladys and Flavio!


Health Benefits of Tango

Research is proven that Tango is the dance of choice. Having problems with your Health, Balance, Memory, Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, ask your Doctor about “Tango Therapy”.